And it is natural

And it is natural Authority adults vs teenagers No authority should dominate over reason; the reason, on the contrary, should dominate over authority and operate of.


Ramus The authority of adults during this period falls almost to zero, but the authority of contemporaries sharply rises.

And it is natural in it independence is shown.

After all if the parental, teacher's authority is still stron the child cannot independently act.

He will constantly doubt itselfhimself, to address internally to adults how was earlier And what mother will tell.

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And the main

And the main As a rule, in the center of events there is mother.

And the main responsibility for correct its Majesty the Child!.

The rd exit from this crisis is assigned to it.

Remember that from crisis itself.

But crisis of three years is your ny stage in mental development of the child, a course marking a feather on a new step of the childhood.

Therefore, if you saw that your favourite, and not in the best well very sharply changed, try to develop the correct line of the deniye, become more flexible in educational a meropriya tiya, expand the rights and duties of the kid and within limits let's taste to it independence that us to be got on by it.

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I live only

I live only I preserve the child against everything on light.

It it is red knows, how its health is expensive to me.

My child got used to receive gifts every day.

I will not understand, than it is dissatisfied all the time.

In our house each adult uses only the style of education of the child.

My daughter son in any way does not understand that it it has now time the younger brother sister, we cannot give itit attention maximum.

I live only for the sake of the child.

Bad habits of good children.

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He very roughly

He very roughly In it get on, as good neighbors, cheerful ringing laughter and bitter crying.

He very roughly transfers pleasure and as roughly plunges in .

He loves you as anybody on light, and also can strongly be jealous.

He everything forgives you, and at the same time usually does not forgive anything.

His offense bleeds even then when already it becomes adults.

It the same as , is mosaic and as is weaved from polyarnost, as you.

And if we did not learn rage, da's otka to us to know all value of kindness.

As it would sound is paradoxical, but that you to live, it is necessary for us to own both a stin and the soul opened without a zashchitnost.

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Time of reception

Time of receptionTime of reception of the Menu apportion of food Cottage cheeseKefirBread rye Porridge buckwheat, oil bakedSteam quenellesBread rye, butterTea with sorbiteSATURDAY Porridge yachnevy on the goat milk diluted half with water, butterBread rye, butter, cheeseTea with sorbite Soup rice vegetarian rice, onions napiform, oil bakedVegetable mashed potatoes cabbage, vegetable marrows, turnip, onions, fennel, vegetable oilCutlet Bread ryeJuice plam! apple Katsra corn, oil baked, forcemeat from beefTea with G or kefirVolume, r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Allergic symptomsand time of their emergenceThe condition is not brokenCondition without deteriorationCondition without deteriorationThe condition is not brokenThe condition is not brokenThe cough, whistling rattles from h of mines, is given Condition without deteriorationThe products causing reactionsThe provocativetest with apple the positive &t;;;Time of reception of the Menu apportionPEEPSUNDAY Porridge buckwheat, oil nBread ryeTea with sorbite Soup peeled barley, onions, fennel, turnip, oil n Porridge corn, vegetable oilCutlet steam, bread ryeDogrose infusion without sugar Salad from grated carrots Porridge rice on the goat milk diluted half with water, butterBread ryeJuice plamVolume, Allergic mr and time of their n,, Condition without dynamics,,,,, Condition without dynamics,,,,,,asthma, it is entered intramuscularly,, Condition without deterioration,,The products causing reactions avokatsionnyn with carrots the positive!!A FOOD AND HERBAL MEDICINE by AETYA AT VARIOUS DISEASES and fixing of a healthy condition of an organism is possible gradually, on one, to enter the excluded products with caution on reaction.

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